So, why eat a mushroom?

Why Not? I started this blog after reading The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus. It was then that I realized why I was a mushroom eater. I love mushrooms! I like them sautéed, cooked with butter, fresh on salad, stuffed, baked, broiled, and in Cheese Quesadillas! How I connected that with my walk with the Lord is an awkward story, but it really was when I finished reading his book. I no longer had an urge to call myself a “Christian” but rather a disciple of Christ. When one says, “I am a Christian,” there are connections that the people see, and one is compared, NOT to Christ, but to the shortcomings of religion. To say one is disciple of Christ is to imply that one does not live by the expectations of religion, but the higher standard Jesus modeled. Religion tends to walk towards RIGIDITY. To be a disciple is to follow in the footsteps and vision of one’s Master, even if that means walking against the odds. Those that eat mushrooms, take the risk of eating a poisonous one. Why worry? We have our Heavenly Father who is in control (Rom. 8:28). There have been many reformations in the “Christian” church due to the rigidity tradition, legalism, and the desire of believers to be free of synthetic rules and live by what Gods says in His Word and in one’s heart through his Holy Spirit. So, yeah, I am a mushroom eater.


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