I Am a Mushroom Eater

I’ve lived life to the fullest right now. The lines on the skin of my face are emblems of many life experiences that have brought the the 3L’s (life, laughter, & love) and also many tears. I believe in the Almighty. He is the reason for my every season. I cannot deny Him. Even when I did not believe in Him, He did in me. Marriage is a sacred covenant between two people who devote their life here on earth to give to each other. One should go into marriage as a whole being never seeking to be completed by someone else because that is something that comes from within. I am like a butterfly who is not afraid of change. No ONE person defines me. I am who I am. I found the motive of my existence when I was ten years old on Feb. 4, 1987 when I opened up my heart to allow the Lord to be in me (Jer. 29:11). I am a learner. I am a woman. I am of Mexican descent. I am a dreamer. I am an innovator. I am a friend. I am a warrior. I am a teacher. I am a lover. I am a citizen. I am a Mushroom Eater….that means I walk the road less traveled.


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