Hidden Rules

I want to focus and write a bit more on Payne’s last resource when considering poverty: Knowing Hidden Rules. My pastors have taught our church that there are two mentalities an individual can take up. These two are undeniably opposite from each other. One has a slave mentality: can’t do anything on their own, no dreams, no hope, no goals, choices are not an option, are dependent to their circumstances, and do not operate in the present to launch into their future. Rather, they linger in the “good-times” of their past which impedes moving forward. The kingdom-minded individual is one who has his feet stable in the present but with their eyes on their future. Their life is all about choices and making the right ones that will get them closer to their goal. These individuals set out to conquer the world, not because they have no obstacles or shortcomings, but because they KNOW that they have the DNA in them from their father to do what their father has done. With this in mind, I was saddened at the revelation that many of my relatives, friends, and church members operated in a mental state of poverty. God has NOT called us for neither poverty nor middle class, but His words says that He has called us to be prospered in WEALTH. As you read the following think of the hidden rules that you were taught as a child, where you are now, and what do you want those you influence to get from you.

Statistics show that poverty occurs among people of all ethnic backgrounds and in all countries. There are two types of poverty:

1. Generational Poverty: being in poverty for two generations or longer.

2.: Situational Poverty: exists for a shorter time and is caused by circumstances like death, illness, or divorce.

There are three distinct classes: Poverty, Middle Class, and Wealth. Each class has DRIVING FORCE. For the first class, it its survival, relationships, and entertainment. For the second class, it is work and achievement. And for the third one, it is financial, political, and social connections that are the driving forces that weigh heavily in their decision making. Here is an example of how each of us fall in one of these classes, and how these hidden rules really do shape our life. The following is an example from one of Payne’s articles on the difference in the hidden rule regarding POSSESSIONS:

Generational Poverty: PEOPLE are possessions. It is worse to steal someone’s girlfriend than a thing. A relationship is valued over achievement. That’s why you must defend your child no matter what her/she has done. Too much education is feared because the individual might leave.

Middle Class: THINGS are possessions. If material security is threatened, often the relationship is broken.

Wealth Class: LEGACIES, one-of-a-kind objects, and pedigrees are possessions.

Here is a short chart I made to show some interesting information on what each class values.

POSSESSIONS People Things Unique objects, legacies, pedigrees
MONEY To be used, spent To be managed To be conserved, invested
FOOD Quantity: Did you have enough? Quality: Did you like it? Presentation: Was it presented well?
WORLD VIEW “world” defined in local terms “world” defined in national terms “world” defined in international terms

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Iris
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 20:00:15

    Yes, this is a very true word. Wow im proud of you my beatifull and smart sister. Love ya so much


  2. tlc4women
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 16:52:07

    This is so good. I was reminded of this as a simple thing happened in my life. My washer died. It was going to cost $450.00 to fix so it was off to the store to buy a new one. While I was looking at my choices, I was leaning towards one that cost about $450.00. My mom, put it in perspective though. She said, buy something of quality and value that will last. In this perspective when I buy what I want a $1200 washer and break it down over its life I spend less than I would at the laundromat over the life of the washer.

    I was thinking cheap, poverty, getting by instead of thinking long-term, lasting quality, wealth. It’s a mindset that will flow either positively towards true wealth or negatively as in poverty.


  3. Iris
    May 09, 2008 @ 02:14:33

    This is good its all true


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