Counsel Up

Several weeks ago, I had to learn and be reminded on validity of counseling up.  It is something we need to do on a regular basis for those issues that pop up in life.  Today, as I sat in with my Physics Concentration Advisor, BOOM! Another reminder!  I had been inadvertently avoiding my need to sit with him and go over my academic plan.  You know, I had stuff to do, places to go, and people to see.  Also, I had already so many times, checked over my plan that I thought I had everything covered.  Boy, was I in for a good one!  Turns out that since I am concentrating in Physics, I need Pre-Calculus and Trig as part of the prerequisites.  This just added two more classes, saying good-bye to my summer break, more money, missing 7 weeks of women’s and Spanish church meetings, and a 40 minute drive from Turlock to STOCKTON to take a course term.  I tell you, counseling up IS the way to go.  I don’t have it all together to make it on my own.  This means that we counsel up to our pastors.  We need to counsel up to our husbands.  We need to counsel up to our authorities and those whose expertise will help us.  I can’t stress it enough. We need to counsel up to our Heavenly Father who ALWAYS knows best.  This simple road stop will avoid many unpleasant detours and road blocks in life….counsel up!


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  1. tlc4women
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 16:42:26

    Sometimes, God slows us down for a purpose. Counsel up to HIM and see if you’re supposed to give up this much needed down time. I think you just might be surprised at the answer. One day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day…….

    Counseling up is so so important! After two solid days of meetings Monday and yesterday, I counseled up last night, discovered my perspective and perceptions were valid and today I get to do my laundry and BREATHE. Thank you God for those people you send into our lives to help us.


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