On the Back Burner

Today has been a day of weighting things out. I’ve sat from one counselor’s chair to the the next. And, I have a TERRIBLE FLU/cold! I will survive. Anyways, I am adding one more semester to my graduation date. This means I can take a less heavier load the following semesters. My pastor commented how we should ask God to put things in perspective and see what His answer is regarding all the time and effort we are putting to certain things. She is right. My adviser asked if I had family commitments (meaning kids) that would interfere with my overload and my commute to Stockton for the summer courses. He said it ALL depended on ME, and how much I was will to do to meet my goals. I was being pressured by my advisers to meet my May 2009 deadline, and I tend to overload myself. But, you know what? I am not a woman whose only commitment is her personal life. I have a commitment to my husband, our goals and our marriage. I am committed to ministry and the leadership of my pastors. I am committed to those under my leadership. So, some things, need to be put in the back burner for proper simmering and for a balanced meal. That is my life right now. I am in front of my stove top with the Head Chef as He tells me what entree holds priority and what can we put in the back burner. Even though it is not in the order I planned, HE is the one in charge. I am His sous chef (pronounced su chef). I am His assistant; I follow orders, and this will guarantee that whatever I serve is in the right order with precise taste and quality. Thank God that He always knows best when things to be put on the back burner so that we don’t spoil the entire feast!


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