To seek God is the greatest of all Adventures.

To love God is the greatest of all Romances.

And, to find God is the greatest of all human


Over the course of our lifetime, there are quite a few ARAs (adventures, romances, and achievements). Some bring reminiscence of joy while others have their long and complex labyrinth of unfortunate events. As I think about these three words, I wonder what my life would be like if I had them all but without God.

Yes, some things may bring adventure and excitement. They can raise our adrenaline. Nevertheless, the law of gravity is bound to kick in some time or the other. You know…what goes up must come down. Therefore, while starting a new job, a new career, a new family, and a new lifestyle may bring exhilaration and the notion of adventure the feeling will fade as we get jaded with the nuisances of routine. The unfamiliar becomes too familiar, and the anticipation of not knowing what is next grows fainter. With God though, things are different. One’s quest to seek His presence is never the same. I was 10 years old when I had my first supernatural experience with God. It was February 4, 1988. My heart was broken from a dysfunctional life…wounds so deep that I could not trace when they started. I am all grown up now, and I have some adventure stories under my sleeves that include riding the bus in Acapulco, Mexico. It was Christmas Eve at El Zocalo (the heart of Acapulco), and none of the taxis cabs were willing to drive my friend’s mother and me to their neighborhood. My friend said, “Whatever you do, don’t ride the bus! It is not safe, and you might get lost.” She was right! As I boarded the colorful bus, I found that there were no seats left and I had to stand close to Sra. Gloria (friend’s mom) for more than ½ hour. The bus driver kept stopping and shouting for people to squeeze towards the back to allow for others to board. I was paranoid as I stood “slim” and avoided touching others. Half way to our destination, my back was resting on someone else’s back and I was in conversation with a woman to my right because the rest were men. All along, the music is loud and the disco lights are flashing in the center of the bus. The bass was so loud that my husband jokes around saying that if the bus would have broken down that it would have still reached its destination due to the thumping of the bass in the speakers. Yet, nothing compares to the adventure of seeking God. Everyday, when I know at the door of His chambers, I enter His presence with anticipation and expecting Him to leave me in awe.

Romance. Ah, yes. Those memories started soon in my life, and are another blog all on their own. I met my husband when I was 14 yrs old towards the end of my freshman year. I fell in love with him, but I was so young. I am the eldest, and my parents had plans for me. Plans they never accomplished, and places they never set foot on such as college. I shared these goals too…until I met Miguel. All I wanted to do was to be with him. I did not care about what my friends, parents, or anyone had to say about the situation. I thought that my love for him was so great that it did not matter to leave my dreams behind, throw my 4 year scholarship to Cornell College through the window as long as I could be with him. When we were together, it was as if time froze and our conversations and innocent flirting and writing love notes on our napkins took over. Our love silenced the voices of everyone around us. So, we did what any other dumb young lovebirds would do: we got married the end our junior year in high school. Those of you who are married well know that this was not just another ride in the park. There have been times in our 13 years of marriage that we have considered drifting apart (another watered-down word our current culture uses interchangeable with a separation/divorce). Suddenly, things began to seem like a sacrifice. Our love somehow became conditional. “If he continues to do this…If she stops with that…If you don’t do it again…” However, God’s love for us is unconditional. There is nothing I can do to have Him love me more or love me less. Everyday He brings me flowers and an orchestrated melody through the beauty of nature. Everyday He tells me that He loves me as I feel my heartbeat. And His greatest manifestation of love was to die on the cross even when I was unfaithful time and time again! His love silences the nuisances of this world. How I love to love the Lord!

I am working hard towards graduating from college. It is an achievement that none in my immediate family has yet accomplished. I have plans and goals set for my academic, family, financial, personal, and ministry life. I also share some with my husband. The Word asks what good is it for a man to win riches but in the end looses his soul. No achievements could bring me the satisfaction I have to know that I have found God (or He found me). Because Of Him, life is worth living. When I pray and through my morning worship, I tell the Lord that if my greatest achievement in life is to find Him and have His heart, then I am content because I know it makes all the difference in my life, my marriage, my family, and all those who come in contact with me. I could become a doctor one day, and influence those around me. How much more could I do if the Healer himself is within me?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Simply Me
    Apr 25, 2008 @ 03:10:59

    I love it! I agree with every word you wrote..
    God’s love is so amazing. Just like the blog I wrote “The Beauty of Simplicity”, God never ceases to amaze us. Life with God is the greatest adventure a man can encounter.


  2. Vikki Grijalva
    Apr 25, 2008 @ 03:39:44

    Beautifully written Cruz, I didn’t know you met Miguel when you were fourteen, I didn’t know you had a scholarship to Cornell…WOW


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