Moving Forward

Today was a busy day for me. It was our first youth meet in Newman, so you can imagine all the things we had to do. My day began with worship and a devotional of the word from the book of 1Timothy. I played my keybord for a while, and review the word I was going to share with the youth. We shopped for the food, the games, and dessert. My niece and friend helped a lot, and off we went. We were excited, and had great expectations for the event. The main goal was to meet the youth and cast vision on moving forward as the Apostle Paul said in regards to one’s youth: Be an Example in Life, Love, Speech, Faith, and Purity. What we encountered was not what we expected. Two of the youth bashed on our parade. They had a sour attitude and were a constant distraction. We met at the park, and opened up with a memory game (everyone had to introduce themself, say a hobby, and their favorite color AND repeat the same info of those before them). We were a total of 12 including one guest. There was praise and worship, a short Word, a testimony, lunch, and games. Throughout most of the event, one youth in particular, kept distracting the other youth as if he had an agenda of his own. We got to minister a young lady, and fellowship with most of the youth. By the end of the event, we were a bit drained and at ends wit regarding this young man’s attitude (especially because he is not a guest but a member). As we drove home and retrospected on the day and how to improve, the conclusion was that moving a new youth group forward is harder than what we thought. We concluded along with the Pastors of Newman that if this mission was going to go forward it would be on our knees—or go nowhere at all.


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  1. Michael Brewer
    Apr 27, 2008 @ 04:48:55

    I really enjoyed this post. Be gentle yet firm with the young man. Perhaps there is something just beyond the surface that you can’t quite yet see that is the root to his acting up. Involve them, love them, and encourage them to walk in the Lord. You have an amazing opportunity before you.

    I will keep you in prayer.




  2. kingsview
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 05:35:35

    Thanks Michael! Yesterday after service, we met with the entire group, and I understand what you are saying. This young man has a great calling. He is only 14 years old, and is a natural leader and has a beautiful voice and a talent to write. My prayer is that that he may have an encounter with our Mighty God, as his heart is healed, and he finds who he is in Christ. Blessings for you and your loved ones.


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