It Is Written

Time management for the college student is an art. Yes. Though there is nothing aesthetic about sitting down and writing a year and a half worth of courses to take and hours and professors and course numbers and all the mundane academic details; it is very helpful. I began to adjust my Individual Education Plan (simply put…a Road map) about one year from today. An IEP is a worksheet with empty slots for a Liberal Studies major individual to keep track of course requirements for undergraduate work, for the major, for the concentration, and for the 30 different subject matter areas that a multi-subject teacher must meet. I met a student in one of my classes that had no clue about this form (even though it is drilled into us from the first day we step foot at CSUStan in orientation). She said she just takes whatever is available. That’s fine if you don’t mind sticking around here for a while. But, if you have a graduation date and a credential program entrance date, then, careful planning is a must. I spend over 6 hours every 3 months to review and update my IEP. I have every single course in a semester grid (a total of 2 years in advance). They are written in pencil and saved in my computer to allow for flexibility. Nevertheless, my goal is set and every step of the way, I know how close I am to attaining it. It is important that I write things down because as my grandmother use to tell me, “Words are drifted away by the tolls of the wind (‘las palabras se las lleva el viento’). This year has brought a bit of surprises. I have to repeat a course! I was so upset that just between you and me, I binged on chocolate this weekend….AHH. The thing of the matter is that is was not because I could not handle the work or the extreme difficultly of the course; it was because of a time management issue! Yes, I know! This is one of the hardest courses in the LIBS department that includes a 30 hr observation lab (which I completed). I put some assignments off to satisfy several non-academic commitments. I did not go back to the written plan to assess my progress. I neglected getting counsel. I underestimated the power of time. I overestimated my ability to improvise. Result: Repeat the course!

Sometimes, we are the same when it comes to our personal life and the work of the Kingdom. The Word says that the people without a vision will perish. Why? Well, if you do not have a goal, then how will you know where you are going? How will you measure how much you have advanced or retreated? How do you know it is time to counsel? I you don’t go back to the Road Map He left for you, then, how will you assess your progress in His kingdom? Time CANNOT be defeated in this mortal world except by the hand of the Master. Do not take things lightly. Do not neglect your heavenly assignment! Do not put yourself in the position (because of heart or mentality issues) to have to repeat the course, but rather, pass the test and move on to the next level. Remember to check what Jesus has to say about all subjects in your life. Even, He told Satan, “It is written”. He understood that His Father’s written words were alive. He understood that because God said it, it was already settled. His written words were only a reminder of what is yet to come. If you do miss out on your assignments, then go the the Master and let Him counsel you to help you get back on the right course to fulfill the plans He has set out for you (Jeremiah 29).

Here’s a sample of an IEP:



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  1. Vikki Grijalva
    May 01, 2008 @ 19:57:39

    Very good one Cruz!!!


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