PR #1

I have not published in a couple of days because I have been directing my focus to other areas in my life. Yesterday, as my husband and I snuggled in each other’s arms, we talked about our short-term plans. He shared with me that he was going to place a bid on a job. He had to outbid 3 other well established companies. I said that the windows of Heaven were open over our lives, and that if it is meant for us, we would get it. He told me that he prayed for it already. His meeting was at 5:30. I sent him off with a good luck kiss, and said, “May the favor of our Lord be with you!” Half an hour later…PRAISE GOD! He got the bid. This means we are postponing our weekend outing (TJ, Mex.). Thank you Lord because this blessing does not only stay within us, but it touches the lives of two other brothers (and their families) from church that work with him, and of course, the Kingdom of God through our tithes and offerings! Trust God. He will not fail.


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