Who’s In Charge?

Many households struggle with the question of Who Is In Charge?

In Greek, archy, is ruler/govern/1st chief.

In a patriarchal society like the USA, we’d like to think it is the men in the family. They are the legacy makers in the family. If dad said it, then that settles it. In matriarchal societies, such as Mexico, it is the mother who is in charge. Yes, contrary to the male chauvinist image many people have about the culture, it is the women who are revered and hold the highest respect. I don’t know of a society where both male and female hold EQUAL authority. It shifts depending who is on the throne seat. I’d like to know of any examples. The last example is more abstract in that it is a mere personal speculation. In this current generation, the government/power is vested in the children. This type of government is called paedarchy. (The prefix is their word for child or children). The paedarchy family is one where the children do as they wish. They decide what’s for dinner, entertainment, the major rules of the home.

My question to you, after reading this, is: Who is in charge in your home?


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  1. mimijackson
    May 07, 2008 @ 17:29:52

    Paedarchy – I love it. I know some families where this is true. At times, I wonder if that’s what’s going on in my own…


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