Here is an excerpt from an email sent to me a while back in regards to WORSHIP. May it bless you on this day as we acknowledge that every day, every action, and everything we do should be and act of worship to the one who created us!

Worship — the unfettered expressions of the human heart — it is a joyful experience!
We are zealous in our desire and effort to guard against any hidrance which dampen or t
hwart it. we resist any tendency toward a stiff, staid formality in our services. we are determined to retain our God- given liberty of worship! Woship, in order to be what true worship is meant to be, has some divine prerequisites. In the individual heart there can
be no true worship if things are not right. Things must be right between the worshiper
and God. There can be no ill will, animosity, or belligerence in teh heart of one who
would experience true worship. These things block the flow of worship. Strange as it
may seem, the very determination to keep our worship free and flowing can become a hindrance. There are times when the minister leading the service follows God in a path
that seems to be in opposition to a particular for of worship. This may go beyond a
single service. In such as situation, the uminitiated novice may feel contempt toward
the leader. It appears that his priviledge of worship is being denied by such leadership.
Such a lack of understanding can Create and attitude which does more harm to one’s
ability to worship than any apparent restraint ever could. Such an attitude begets
criticism, back-biting, and finally, if unchecked, becomes a subtle form of rebellion,
which teh scripture declres to be equivalent to the sinof witchcraft. Attempting to
worship when any form of sin is dominant in one’s life is more thatn jsut an exercise
in futuily; it is an overt act of disdain fro the very Deity the ‘worship’ is directed toward.
He knows the very secrets of the heart! An appeal for cleansing, followed by acts of restitution will open the way to full unfettered worship. Obviously in our zela to protect
and preserve our priviledge of worship, we must take care to keep our hearts clear and
clean. The danger of losing our priviledge ot worship in that are ais far great than the
threat of being hindered from without our being. Our worship is too precious to allow
even teh slightest fly in the ointment. Attitudes project one’s expressions of praise and adoration. Our hallelujahs will go no higher thatn the propellant power of purity in our
lives will project them. So, as we preserve and protect our expression of worship from ‘external forces,’ let us take care to avoid the pitfall of losing by default the very things
we would protect! Attitude is the key. Submission and worship go hand in hand. The
human will can only be broken by the individual himself. As we submit to God’s
structured body, we find a liberty of worship wich enhances the expression of our
Worship is a joyful experience!
Have a great day!

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  1. Simply Me
    May 14, 2008 @ 11:25:27

    Very true!


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