Could Have Done Better

Good Morning Everyone!

I am in finals’ week at CSU Stanislaus. As I retrospect on this Spring’s semester, I already know that I could have done better. I want to panic as I think about grades. They’re average. UH! Average! I never was nor will be average, but daily decisions lead to mediocre when we do not strive for excellence. It is like in all aspects of life: marriage, ministry, family, and finances….if we allow it. We are His chosen, and we should be striving for excellence. So as I get ready to commute and go into my chemistry final, I remind myself that I will be ok. I will not always be at the top. This semester has been a little tough as my housing situation, economic stability, and emotional side have greatly shifted in the past months. Not an excuse, but I do understand myself…..jejeje. Sometimes we just need not be so hard on ourselves.

I do have to say one thing for sure: this second time around it will be different. I am going to be a little more selfish (in a good way) of my time. I will value and treasure it more. It belongs to God, but He has loan me a certain amount of it. I need to use it to its fullest potential. I need to learn to say “no” to some things. Those things that will make me loose minutes of my life in unproductive conversations, relationships, work, and etc. All that I have is God’s, so all that I have must be godly.

I have two weeks of vacation before I start school again. An though many may think it is crazy, I think it is more crazy to not benefit from a school system that gives you the opportunity to finish your career in a shorter amount of time. I love summer and winter courses for I can get credit for a 16 week course in just 6 weeks! So, in these two weeks of vacation, I will be introspecting on myself and regenerating in the peace of my Lord. I will be taking up some half-done projects (drawing!). I will be working on several musical compositions, and working on my voice. I will be sitting in my hammock leisure reading. I will be exercising and taking long walks in the park behind our home. I will be just me without the chaos. (oh oh! I just remembered….I will be reviewing for the State License….waiting on the test date). Still, I will just be me.

Though, I have to tell you that this does not come easy as people translate you having extra time… you having extra time to do things they want. Huh? It is all good. I am always willing to help, but this second time around, I will do better!

GOOD LUCK to all my fellow colleagues during finals week!


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  1. tlc4women
    May 27, 2008 @ 08:36:00

    I am praying for your success! Time is precious so I am glad you are taking some time for yourself! I will try not to bother you!!


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