“Sticks and Stones…”

Remember the childhood playground song: Sticks and Stones may broke my Bones, but Words can Never Hurt Me!”

Now we all know that is a lie because you can remember (especially if you are a woman) many words that were thrown to you years back that you still remember clearly. And, if you are sincere…certain words have birthed an association with regretful situations, whether you hurt someone or were hurt by their words. Many controversial comments and actions appear daily. The Buzz Log, made the following comments of comments made by the following people (sounds like a TONGUE twister…):

Hilary Clinton, hurt by Obama’s advancement, made an ill-fated comparison of the political race to the one in 1968 where Robert B. Kennedy got assassinated in June in the Sunny State. She later apologized.

Rachel Ray’s, scarf similar to Muslin extremist, apparently made a controversial statement for itself, when she wore it for a Dunkin Donut ad. The ad was pulled back.

Sharon Stone made an insensate suggestion regarding the thousands of Chinese deaths; she said it was karma for China’s treatment of Tibet. Cristian Dior is not happy with her.

The media is full of “ill-” comments and actions that catch people’s attentions. We all let out tongue slip. Yet, this is not important. Right? I mean, we are not famous. We do not have the eyes and ears of the public on every word we say. We do not have to be accountable to anything or anyone. We can speak our minds, and not expect repercussions. Right? WRONG! We are known by our family and community. The eyes of those we interact with daily are on us (that includes kids too). Ah…what you sow is what you reap. So, our actions, even if they are just our own personal opinion, will have an affect somewhere. Finally, the Word says that we WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERY WORD WE SAY (it says EVERY).

So, lets not have have so many regrets with what we say. Words can hurt others (not just sticks and bones). Let’s have prudence.


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