In My Mess

Yesterday night, things got a little “messy” between Miguel and I. The house was a mess, and my family was expecting out of town visitors (I found out at the last minute). It was 11:45 p.m. and the garbage in the kitchen was at its mountain tops. No one took it out. Things were a mess. Many things were out of order, and we were having company over! What was he thinking! Please, the embarrassment is not for the “guys” of the house, but for the “lady” of the house. And last night, well, let’s just say I was not acting like a lady. I took out the garbage, picked up here and there, and was upset with my hubby. So, I went to bed agreeing to disagree.

Early this morning, I went to exercise to ease my mine on how I was going to approach this issue. When I came back, I was ready for my morning devotional. Usually, I make my bed, straighten things around me, clear my desk, and get my music books with my keyboard ready. I easily get distracted with out of order things. So, I make sure all that is out of the way to fully concentrate on worship. I have to say though, that by the time I finish with my room, I’m a little blah. So today, I plunged right in. I took the guitar, and cared not of the worries of the day. Today, I did not care that my room was messy. Today, I did not care that I had not made my bed. It did not matter. I just needed to usher myself into His presence. Just as I was. With all that I was. I can fool others, but Him I cannot.

Today, I worshiped in my mess.


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