Little Ones Count

Yesterday, I had the delight and privilege to go on my niece’s first field trip! We went to Chaffee Zoo in Fresno, and it was a blast. I agree with Bill Cosby; Kids DO say the darnest things. I love this age, preschool, because the world is still new for them. They marvel at the sight of an exotic colorful bird. Their eyes widen as they see two Flamingos mating. They gasp at the towered-high giraffes, and they look at God’s creation with awe. In short, they stop and smell the flowers. Each of them if we let them. Their child-like faith believes everything one says at that moment. This type of eye sight is lost as we get older. We do not look at things with marvel. We do not let ourselves be impressed. We are always on the go. We don’t acknowledge that there are dozens of beautiful aromatic flowers waiting to be admired. We miss the little things that once were big unto our eyes. All experiences have an impact in our lives, even the little ones. Don’t be too busy to make the little ones in your life count. This little one below, is definite a big #1 for my husband and I. We love you Deb!


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  1. Iris
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 23:01:25

    That’s so true. Well I wanted to tell you thank you. She will always remember this field trip with her auntmommy. Yes I put the words together it’s no mistake. You are her aunt but you are also like her mommy. Love you. your little sis


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