Freedom Fighter

Today, I am getting ready to go on the road. I will be driving down to South California to take one our youth girls to visit the University of her dreams. She just graduated high school, and has a passion for theatrical arts. As I think of her decision to want to move south, about 4hrs+ away from her hometown and her family, I think it is a brave decision, considering her home situation. You see, she is the youngest in her family, and I sense she has lived a sheltered life. She has never worked, never been out on her own, and never had any type of financial responsibilities. Yet, she is willing to risk that life for one that might include stress, chaos, temporary limitations, and being among strangers. This situation reminds me of an activity we did in one of my philosophy classes. We were given a list of items to arrange in order from the most important things we could not live without. We were to choose 10 items. Some things included wealth, money, family, safety, one’s faith, justice, equality, health, career, education, and so on. The activity included eliminating (with a class discussion) the lower three until we were left with three, two, and one. The professor would say things like, “So, you prefer to have an education than to have good health? Well, what can you do with an education when you are on the road to a premature death?” One of my top three included freedom. My argument: One may have an excellent career, but without the freedom to do what you like with it means nothing. One may have money, but without the freedom to buy and invest means nothing. One may have excellent health, but without the freedom to forge one’s future means death in itself.

I don’t get when parents are trying to hold their kids back from going to college. They don’t want them moving far. Why? My advice to the new high school graduate is to seek their passion in life. Then get an education related to their passion because this will allow them to work hard for their degree, and will help them be willing to conquer the obstacles they may face. Being free is not as easy as one may think. It takes more guts, and great critical thinking. There is no one telling you what to do. There is no one to blame for your mistakes and the consequences for your decisions. There is no one to give you what you need. The fear that parents have may be that they don’t want their kids to make the same possible mistakes they made. Or they fear that their child will loose their beliefs. They fear the “world will contaminate” them. They fear that they will lack without mommy and daddy. (Let’s face it, they are not little anymore). They fear that they (their precious seed) might fear. They fear they will make a wrong move. They fear. But you see, the “freedom fighter” DOES fear. The difference between the young man or young women that launches themself into the world of independence and the one that decides to stay at home is that the first is not willing to be intimidated by their fear. The Bible says, “What good is it for a man to gain the world but loses its soul?” I say, “What good is it for one’s child to have commodities at home, but loses the essence of humanity….free will?”

Freedom fighter. We are all freedom fighters. We fight to stay free from anything that might be enslaving. Things like gossip, substances, relationships, double-mindedness, FOOD, laziness, depression, disease, and sin. The freedom fighter is not content with just living. The freedom fighter is not content with a golden cage and a silver platter. The freedom fighter treasures their free will to test the waters, even when that means getting swamped by the wave.  Their motivation comes from within.  The freedom fighter will pick his fights that will lead to setting his soul free for he knows that he was called to soar the skies without limitations.


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  1. tlc4women
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 08:26:11

    Go Mari! How is a parent who doesn’t ALLOW their GROWN child to pursue the dreams of their choice reconciling their walk as a follower? Obviously, not all dreams are feasible because of finances and ethics but other than that we are clearly free people in the kingdom. Not even God himself restricts our choices. He may warn, he may send obstacles but when we knock them down and ignore Him he allows us our decisions. Why then do we see ourselves as higher than He?

    “Arrows in our quiver” when they are children. Protected and preserved is what we are called to do. Launch is the next step and requires a letting go.


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