No Pain…No Gain

I’m back!  The old cliche came to life when I was rushed to our local hospital.  I had been experiencing several health complications for about two weeks (I kept the symptoms to myself).  I have no medical/health insurance so going to the emergency room is not and easy decision to take.  The abdominal pain was increasing, and I could no longer hide the excruciating pain.  So, off we went.  I could barely walk.  I broke into a cold sweat.  I informed the nurse of the symptoms, and she asked me to sit in the waiting room while I was attended.  After several minutes, the nurse checks my blood pressure, temperature, and weight.  I get to sit back in the same waiting room.  I honestly felt like punching the pain out.  Coiled in my chair (20+ minutes later), I finally get called from the back door.  I walked through it only have to walk down a hallway into another office.  She is not the NURSE nurse; she’s the REGISTERING nurse! OMG!  I sit there for several more minutes as I again give my personal information, the last time I was in the ER, my current address, my healthcare situation, and a whole bunch of other mundane details.  “I know you’re in pain maam’.  It’s just that this info is important.  As soon as we are done you can go back into the waiting room, and wait to be called.”  Back to the waiting room.  My friend, my husband, and myself kept looking at the watch, at the door, and the clerk, and still no one.  My husband goes to the front desk, and was told that people are taken in according to severity.  My folder was marked with a “III” for third priority, I guess.  Well, to make this short, I finally get called into an ER, and I am given a warm blanket to lay down and WAIT.  The pain began to decrease.  The head nurse comes to see me 40 minutes later to tell me that there was really nothing he could do but to give me a pain shot.  He recommended to go to my gynecologist at my earliest convenience, or to come back if pain persisted.  No blood work.  No pelvic check.  No x-rays.  No ultrasound.  Just a shot.  It knocked me out within ten minutes.  When I woke up, the nurse was in front of me telling me that I was ready to go.  So, I learned that sometimes (as those exercise infomercials say) “No Pain, No Gain”


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