I’m a Christian and WE hate Homosexuals

How can anyone reconcile this statement with their love-based faith? I have been couped up in a cacoon these past days lacking the 411 going on around me. (That is not a good thing, right?). Yesterday was our church’s 2nd day of prayer and fasting. We have been repenting for the things we have done wrong. Secret Shames only God knows. Painful memoirs of transgression committed. Sinful natures that always come and go. Last night though, our Pastor spoke to us about the men of God in the OT. Many of these men were righteous, God-fearing, and obedient. Yet, their repentance was a WE not an I. “WE have sinned against you, oh Lord. We have walked away from your ways. We have committed shameful actions that have broken your heart, and have mocked your holy name. Forgive us Lord for WE have sinned…etc.” I agree with this type of “we”, but there is no WE in the “I’m a Christan, and we [God, myself, and all those that believe in Christ] hate homosexuals” statement.

Our Pastor led us in a repentance prayer for the bigotry religious-based acts committed against Lesbian, Gay, and Homosexual people. I was not aware of the incident. Apparently, there were a group of “christians” protesting California’s nouveau law that made same-sex marriages legal. That is ok, if you are earnestly voicing your belief and taking a stand, but what is NOT ok is what these so-called christians did. They mocked, spitted, and spurred out hatred words to those who have WILLFULLY chosen a different lifestyle than that stated in the bible. They had signs stating that “GOD hates Homosexuals, so they were going to Hell!” How can WE called ourselves Christians (Christ following/resembling) when we manifest such hatred. What happened to “God hates sin [the action] BUT loves the sinner”? How is spitting on someone’s significant other (no matter who he/she is) demonstrating that God is love. I don’t understand it. Jeez! You want to take a stand? Go out and Vote! Live your life, marriage, family, and business demonstrating who God is! Don’t just give lip service!

The Bible speaks that there is a special gift given to human beings: FREE WILL. This means that there is nothing in creation that has the God-given right to freely choose for themselves. The stars, the sky, the animals, and even the waters are govern by God. Mankind, made in God’s image was given authority over the earth and over him/herself. God is a gentleman; He will not force you to do anything because He cannot go back on His word. He lets us choose. Deuteronomy 30:18-19 glimpse us a loving God who “sets before you life and death, blessing and curse…therefore choose life that you may live…” The truth is that everyone choses for themselves. There might be situations in life that may have impacted you to incline to certain tastes or opinions, but nevertheless, it is a personal choice that is made. When we sin, whether it is gossiping about the Pastor’s decisions, stealing company time to write an email or surf the net, lying on our taxes, semi-lying [withholding the truth], feeling superior, sleeping with your neighbors wife, speaking back disrespectfully to one’s parents, withholding your tithes, making fun of people less fortunate than you, passing judgment on someone’s life, breaking the law (speeding? huh? ick!), and the list goes on. Simply put, we ALL have chosen things in our lives that do not necessarily meet God’s basic standards of living. Yet, God did not put a human judge to measure and weight the hearts of people. Let us worry about ourselves. It is a turn off for any person to come across someone who talks the Walk, but does not walk the Talk.

I cannot and will not judge those who have exercised their God-given gift. I have loved ones who have chosen the homosexual lifestyle. If they ask where I stand on the issue, I will be honest and state that I have chosen to believe what the Word says concerning this lifestyle. I love them. I know what is it to be in a situation where one’s heart, mind, and feelings differ from what others believe.

Do you know what captivated my heart for God? What keeps me in awe day in and day out? His love. He loved me when no one else did. He proved to me that His love was stronger than my own lifestyle conditions. That there was nothing I could do to make Him love me more or love me less. That even when I was His enemy, He was my friend. It did not matter that I would mock Him daily with my religious hypocrisy. He just loved me. How many times did I break (and still do) His heart? I came back dragging my feet into His presence full of regrets and shame. He loves me. Look at Jesus. His crowd of friends were not the Pharisees or religious bigots. His friends were those who needed to be love, and allowed themselves to be loved. What a powerful word: LOVE.

Jesus said, “…by this all men shall know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:35). John 3:17 says that “God did not send his Son into the world to condemn [judge] the world, but to save the world..” And what about 1 John 4:20?…Whoever says, “I love God,” but hates his brother is a liar. The one who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love the God whom he has not seen. Reconcile this with your “love [God]-based religious beliefs”!

So, today, I cease calling myself a “Christian”. I am a Follower of Christ. I am a Believer of the the Good News that God Has For Everyone. I am a human being that CHOOSES to live by what the Bible states. I am a Friend of God and to those who want to be a friend with me. So, choose LIFE. Choose words that bring LIFE (GOD) into other’s lives. Choose actions that manifest the TRUE God of Love. Choose Life and Live.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. krissmith777
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 12:07:08

    Oh, yeah, hate. That’s just Jesus tought right?

    He never tought hate, period!!


  2. kingsview
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 12:10:12

    I just don’t understand what people are trying to accomplish with this word (hate). Don’t they know that Jesus ONLY taught love? I agree with you, Jesus never taught hate.

    Thanks for reading!


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