$84.1 Million Given…

I had no idea how much the Treasury gave each presidential candidate for campaigning. $84.1 million is a lot of money! Obama announced that he is opting out of the public financing system. McCain’s campaigners complain that Obama has failed the American public in going against the tradition of public financing (created after the Watergate Scandal in 1976). Obama declares that he will run the race without the pressure or influence of Washington lobbyist and special interest PACs. He was able to out-raise his opponent in the Democratic primaries; he will do the same (so he states). According to Gibbs (in the Herald Times), Obama raised $95 million dollars in February and March from internet contributions, and none were more than $100 each.

Accepting financing from the public systems bars a candidate from receiving private donations, and limits his/her spending to $84.1 million. Will Obama be at a disadvantage?


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