A Chastising God?

For many years we have been working against an image made by those in power to keep their people in fear and obedient to them through the concept that god would punish them for even the smallest things. People worshiped their gods out of fear. They served them out of fear of being judged and found unworthy of the great one. Many civilizations built their governments and religions based on the peoples lack of personal involvement with their god. Priest and other authority people were the mediators to god.

The people of Mesopotamia had many gods. They were called dingir in Sumerian. These gods and goddesses possessed supernatural powers and acted human-like. Every single city had its own patron god or goddess who owned everything and everyone in the city. They were expected to sing hymns, say prayers, make sacrifices, and bring offerings to the local temple (ziggurat) for the gods. The people trusted the priests to tell them what the gods wanted, and they dutifully carried out their wishes. They believed the gods could be annoyed at what you did and punish you, or they could be pleased and reward you. THIS made the leaders in the temples almost as powerful as the kings. In some cases the king was both the highest governmental authority AND spiritual leader. Because early Meso-civilizations did not have a one-on-one relationship with their deity, it was easier for the people to live the concept that all they needed to do is meet the basic necessary requirements.

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity because fast growing faiths due to the ridding of the middle person. Each of these faiths offered a deity that wanted to have a personal relationship with each individual. This distinct characteristic was a great factor in their popularity. God, became a father figure. They became a monotheistic society. These faiths were the only ones that offered a COVENANT. Their God said, “If you do this, I will do this other.” This concept was incredible because this meant they had some sort of option, will, power, decision in the way things played out. Contrary to the Sumerian and Mesopotamian, these people new what awaited in their future. It was not by chance anymore. It was not based on whether their god was annoyed, pleased, or in a bad mood (acting human-like).

So, in today’s society, we work hard to still erase the authoritarian residues of religion abuse. No one wants to mention that God is a fearful God. God can and WILL say, “enough!” God at one point did regret, due to their wickedness, creating mankind, and almost wiped out the entire earth. God, our Heavenly Father loves us enough to even get us upset to the point that we might not believe that He has the best for us, but at the end cause us to make a better choice.

Today’s Word at my church was about God speaking to us over and over, and we just ignore Him. We worry about our own things. We have enough to spend $10 a day at Starbucks or McDonalds ($300 per month on junk food), but we “can’t afford to give to the church or pay for class or a conference”. How sad that God is in our low priority list. We prefer to pay PG&E, ATT, Cingular, Verizon, TMobile, Honda, American Express, and Country Homeloans thinking that they will sustain our peace. But, guess what? When God is even just 2nd on our list, all of our money goes into a pocket full of holes. America’s economy has taken several blows throughout the life of the nation, but the one we are experiencing now on a “slippery slope” fall. Why? Were we not one of the most powerful nations in the world? Is this not the land of abundance? Is this not the place that promises a dream for everyone? What happened to the nation that used to help others? What happened to the nation that sent out missionaries by the dozens to proclaim the Good News? A Nation in Revival? Azusa? PensaCola (Brownsville)? How is it that churches across the nation are closing down due to financial distress while Iron Man makes $100.8 Million in ticket sales in 3 DAYS? Other entertainment industries make outrageous profits withing seconds. Where does God fit in all this? Where is He in our list of priorities?

Do you believe God loves you enough to strike that which keeps you away from Him? God is calling out to America to wake up from our somber. To turn our ways back to Him. America wants to get rid of God from their judiciary system, from their education system, from their legislative system, and any other system that might compromise with the current trends.  YET, WE WANT TO CONTINUE BEING THE #1 BLESSED NATION IN THE WORLD! In a culture where tolerance is a driven force for religion, education, and relationships, GOD is portrayed as INTOLERANT. He is portrayed as insensitive to the needs, desires, and weaknesses of the people. He portrayed as a demanding, authoritarian, single-minded, ungrateful God. OMG! Ungrateful? People feel entitled to God’s blessing and favor while they live a immoral lifestyle that neither honors nor respects God. If you were God, what would you do? What do you do with your teenager who begged for a new car, and you gave it to him. After some time he turns disrespectful and leaves you out of the picture…until he runs out of gas, brakes, or money to pay for the insurance? What if he is using this gift (the car) to constantly go against the rules of the house? He constantly comes in late at night drunk. He leaves early in the morning and does not report himself for days, weeks, months, years? Then comes back into you home expecting you to bail him out from his distress? Yet he defies you and basically has turned his back on you? Would not say, “ENOUGH!”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, God has said, “Enough!” He has in a way lifted his hand from our economy in hopes to catch our attention and return us to the path of righteousness and blessing. The Word of God says that it is because God loves us that He takes action in disciplining us so that we do not make the same mistakes over and over again; so that we may not perish.

God will chastise His children for disobedience (Psalms 89:32)

God chastises for our profit (Hebrews 12:10)

God chastises because He loves us (Hebrews 12:6)

So, if when you reach into your pockets and wallets, you feel the pain, maybe it is a good thing to examine yourself. Check to see that you are in rightstanding with your Lord. Check your daily priority list, and make sure God is number 1. Do not think He does not love you when He allows suffering to touch your life. Sometimes, discipline is the best medicine to cure the rebellious heart. He is a loving Father who will, even when we have fallen astray, be with us.


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  1. saradode
    Apr 05, 2009 @ 07:39:16

    HA! Beautiful–thank you! I really don’t mean to randomly (and obnoxiously!) promote my own blog, but I do think that you might enjoy this post (and perhaps some of the others):


    Thanks again for your wonderful post!



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