10 Reasons Why I Did Not Go

Okay, so I did not go to my second class. I debated for a while on the pros and cons of this 2nd absence. Here are the reasons or maybe they are just excuses (they are in no specific order):

1. I need time for my essay to get an “A”
2. I am soooo sleepy
3. It is a total of 2 hrs of commute for a 2.5 hr class (gas? I have enough)
4. Seems like I’m suffering of “writer’s block”
5. I have a list of To-Do things (including dinner, eyebrows, organizing, study, the gym…etc)
6. I’ve had enough of schoolwork…(3yrs of non-stop full-time semesters AND summer/winter courses)
7. I desperately need a vacation…
8. Laziness…
9. It’s one of those days…everything seems like ‘blah’
10. Health issues that are really not an issue for I know the reason…treatment side-effects.

I stayed home, and practically did little (bummer). I read over my ‘reasons’ for not going, and decided to change the term: Basically they were all excuses. Gosh, Cruz, what are you thinking? You’re not a teen anymore! I know, I know. I’m finishing dinner right now, and then off to the gym. See you guys tomorrow! Ah, yeah, I am going to school tomorrow…


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