Broken Slipper

I just got out of my Theater 3020 class. We have been studying 5 different versions of the well-known Cinderella story from France. They all have different titles, but many similarities in their character’s attributes.

Germany’s (Little One Eye, Little Two Eye, and Little Three Eye) and Kashmir’s (The Wicked Stepmother) both have a goat that magically provides food in time of need.

The Canadian Indian Cinderella Tale and the Italian Cinderella story both include biological sisters. The youngest of the three is always the good one and the most beautiful one who also is treated in disdain.

The Romanian story, The Twelve Months, is a magical story of two stepsisters. One was good while the other was evil. The demands of Helen, the evil one, during the winter season allowed Marouckla to encounter the 12 months of the year which help provide the violets, strawberries, and apples.

We all know that the stories end up in the “happily ever after” scenario.

Literature is a reflection of its author. Cultural literature is a reflection of a culture or a group of people. In this case, each one of above stories revealed more of the culture than what might of been intended. For example, Germany and Kashmir portrays its importance in family, provision, and socialist economy. Both stories have a goat that feeds the children equally. Even after the goats are dead, they are still able to balance out the evil sister’s abundance with the lack of other siblings by providing a means to advance. Romania and Canada place importance in nature and its ability to work on people’s behalf if they are treated nicely.

Broken Hearts, Broken Hopes, Broken Dreams

But, what caught my attention was the victim mentality in every story. It was always the pretty girl that was overworked and treated unfairly. She never had a chance to make it out on her own. She could never escape her destiny. She needed help from a magical source to give the at least one chance to enjoy life. It was not until such event happened that she was able to consider herself worthy of a happy ending. I called this mentality the Broken Slipper. The Broken Slippers are broken dreams, broken hopes, and broken hearts. The Broken Slipper is the thought that life is just too hard. That everything and everyone is against us. That others have it so easy, while we get the tail of things. That the only way to get out of this mess is if we were born in someone else’s shoes. That we need to be rescued. That we cannot take another step because our slipper is broken…..yet we ignore the fact that it is not the slippers that give us the ability to walk.

Yes, life is hard. Yes, sometimes some of us get it harder than others. And, yes, our slipper might be broken, but we can move ahead. We can choose to change our future by changing our present. What we decided yesterday is what we are living today. What we decide today is what we will live tomorrow. The Word says that we are who we think we are in our heart. So, today, don’t let a Broken Slipper mentality keep you from walking in your destiny and purpose.


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