I’m An Auntie Again!

My second youngest sister, Brenda, just had a baby girl! She is adorable!

A tear ran down my cheek when I held her close to me. Not because I was sad, but I was just amazed with God on the miracle of life. Imagine, she is a replica of the human being…but 21 inches long! I marveled at her tiny hands, her tiny feet, her miniature toe nails, and how she already recognizes sounds that differ from her mommy. I am happy for my sister and my brother-in-law. I have to admit that my heart longs to hold one of these God-given wonders of my own. When I gave her over to Miguel to carry her, my heart leaped with joy thinking how it would be when we were carrying our own little angel. I was looking at his face for a reaction. Maybe I was hoping he would burst into a conversation on how much he too wants to have children. I saw nothing. He just grinned, and made cooing sounds as he held baby Adayah. I said, “We should adopt!” He just nodded his head as if he was saying ‘Not that again.’ So, I just let it go, and enjoyed being and Auntie again!


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