It’s Been Great!

Today, I’d like to dedicate my blog to my friend, my lover, my partner…to my husband. We met more than 15 years ago, in a small town called Dos Palos, CA. Interestingly enough, we met at his sister’s wedding.

JULY 1, 2008:

It’s been 13 years since we both said, “I do” before our family, our friends, and our Lord.

It’s been 156 months since we knelt as we prayed and were blessed with a wedding cord.

It’s been 676 weeks since we made a vow to love each other in the good and in the bad.

It’s been 4,745 days since we took it upon ourselves to work hard to make each other glad.

It’s been 113,880 hours of our first public kiss, and sparked a beautiful love reaction.

It’s been 6,832,800 minutes that we chose each other forever with love and with passion.

It’s been 40,996.800 seconds we consummated our love in body, mind, and spirit.

I love you my love. I have no doubts that our Lord brought us together. We compliment each other.

(Thanks to those who have wished us a happy anniversary! Thanks N.V.F. for the gift of the room reservation for tonight! Love you!)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

    Jul 02, 2008 @ 09:24:17

    That was beautiful! I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary and we still get goosebumps and butterflies – Marriage really can be EVERYDAY WONDERFUL!


  2. kingsview
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 10:13:42

    It sure can. I do have to confess that it is not always easy. It is like any other relationship, maybe even a little harder. There are days where I’m just like “uh!” and others where I cannot see myself without him. We’ve both made mistakes along the way, but what has kept us together is the fact that we both know God is with and there is nothing we can’t conquer without Him.!
    Congratulations on your 5th yr anniversary! Keep the flame burning! May the Lord bless you and Thomas; may your love get stronger everyday!


  3. Simply Me
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 22:13:25

    Once again congrats! I hope you two enjoyed the stay at the hotel! I wish you two the best of blessings! Keep on keeping the relationship strong! God Bless!


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