A Man’s Monster Toy

This past 4th of July was the first in 13 years that Miguel and I did not spend it together. He was out of the country, and I stayed home. I missed him so much. But, he’s back now. I was expecting a happy return. You know, the one where he comes through the door. You are all dressed up for him. He sweeps you into his arms, and a romantic kiss accompanied with a “I missed you, my love”. Uh….it was quite the opposite: He drove up. He walked through the door. I smiled, and excitingly welcomed him back. He just inexpressively leaned towards my kiss, and said nothing. Nada. ZILCH! He was still upset with me about what happened on 4th of July.

You see, he has a “monster toy”; his F350 Supercab white diesel truck. Well, I call it that because it is huge. When I need to get off, I literally have to take off my high heels if I want a safe landing. It’s huge. It is a 96, and he takes very good care of it. I know that he does not let me drive it because he says it is too risky, etc. He has preferred (in the past) to rent me a car when my last option has been to use his truck. But, this weekend, my mom’s car’s battery died out, and my little Honda S2000 only seats 2 people. We were going to the store (my mom, my best friend, my niece, and I). Two seats…4 people….uh…what to do? So, I called, and called, and called Miguel but he was in a non-signal area in Mexico. Plus, he was at his appointment. I got no answer. My friend tells me to not risk it, but I decide to go ahead. I was thinking, “well, he’s let others drive it before, why not me? Besides, it’s 4th of July…FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE.” Ok, I took it too literal in this matter. So, I looked for the spare key, and we left in it. I was extra careful on treating it and driving how he does. I even parked it in the exact same place (honestly, I thought maybe I won’t have to tell him). I felt I was at the top of the world riding on that monster truck!

So, I see several acquaintances at the firecrackers event that our hometown’s fire department hosts every year. My friend insists that I tell Miguel about the truck. I finally decide to do it. He did not answer his phone. I text him (more convenient for me so that I can word it better without interruptions). It was not long before I received a reply: “You’ve ENDED my day….using the white truck to run an errand….” OMG! I’m in trouble! (No, not like when you get in trouble with your parents and you’re in for a spanking). Then he calls me to let me know how much he is upset, and for the details. I apologized, and he reminded me that that’s why I have my own car! And well, you know what happened when he got home Saturday night from the trip. He gave me the silent treatment til Sunday morning. At church, before service, he finally talks. He gives me his preaching in a soft but stern voice on the whys and the won’ts and the ifs (Pastor was close by, sound people were close by, and service was about to start in 10 minutes). I try to be nice and keep the peace. I said, “I’m sorry love. Can we let this go? It’s almost time to start. Please?” He sighs and nods giving in to my plead. I kiss him on the cheek, and go into our prayer room before leading worship. Gosh! Service was great! Lunch was too, and we both did let it go, but I’ve learned another lesson:

Don’t Mess With A Man’s Monster Toy!


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