The Best of Friends

A couple of years ago, I met a young lady (Well, she’s 32 now). I remember our encounter. I was sleeping in our friends’ living room. My husband had offered to pick up our friend’s aunt from Los Angeles. Our friends were in their late 20’s so I figured their aunt was about 40ish. It was late at night, and I dozed off. My hair was 1/2 an inch long…or short should I say (Yes, 1/2 an inch…I had shaved it 2 months earlier…another post). When they arrived, I kinda just said “hola” and went back to sleeping. The next morning, I saw this shy quiet gal in the far end of the living room. She was the same age as our friends Mick and Merit. Her hair was short…and she was not that tall too. She had beautiful bronzed skin. She looked Asian to me, but I very well knew that she was from the enchanting city of Acapulco, Mexico. She seemed very sad, and as if she had been crying all night long. I was embarrassed that I looked like if I had just woken up…uh…but, I’d just woken up. I got ready, and began to talk to her. But, she was not much of a talker. Our conversation consisted on me asking a series of questions, and her answering with a yes/no. I asked her if she had ever gone to a Christian Bible study before, she hesitantly replied no. (ah, “how am I going to get her to come to one with me?”) Well, the day continued as we barbecued, and CUPERTINA ANORVE (Cuper or Beba as we now call her), was still stuck in her cocoon. I thought she was so anti-social, and weird. Little did I know that she was going to be one of my best friends!

At the end of the day, I invite her to a women’s fellowship night and Bible study. She said that she did not know if she was going to able to go because she did not know how to drive. Excitingly, I offered to pick her up. (I AM A VERY PERSISTENT PERSON). She said yes. The funny things is that two days later I am knocking at their door, and she is “hidding” in her room telling Merit that she said yes to me so that I would stop asking, and that she did not think I would really come. I wait for her, and off we go to Bible study. There was prayer at the end, and Beba began to quietly weep. I place my hand on her shoulder, and share with her my experience with the Lord. Our friend Mirtha lead prayer for her. That night, she accepted Christ into her heart, and a special bond between us was born.

I would see her frequently, and would always pick her up for Bible study. One night, she spent the night at our house after Friday night service. Miguel had to work early the very next morning, so we stayed in the living room drinking coffee and munching on snacks. It was not until then that I learned of her difficult childhood and past. She is the second youngest of 13 children. When she was a couple of months old, her mother abandoned them to go to her “other family” in Mexico City. So, her older sister cared for and even breast fed her at times. Her biological mother would return from time to time. She shared with me that she had a routine going: She would be with them for a while—then she would say she was going to the farmer’s market—and….she would not come back! She would then call then in a couple of days or weeks. She said that what she hated the most was that she would bond with her and then she would just cut them off of her life. So, she called her older sister “Mom” for that is who she mostly remembers. This activity of coming and going continued throughout the years until she was about 28 yrs old. (I met Beba’s family in Acapulco, and I met her biological mom about 3.5 years ago. She is a very nice lady. So, I cannot judge what or why she did what she did.) I will share more (if that’s ok with her) some other time.

But for now, know that God has done some awesome things in our lives. We’ve live through thick and thin together. There

was a point in my life where I shut myself from the world around me, and this girl was there to help me through. We are like sisters….we defend each other like sisters…and we even fight like sisters.

You know how you can get mad at your sister, and even want to just uh!? But, don’t let anyone (other than yourself) say something bad about her or tell her off because you are there to back her up!)

We’ve fallen together. We’ve gotten up together. We’ve worked together. We know each others good and bad sides. When I mess up with Miguel, she is honest enough with me to tell me that I am wrong. Even when I don’t want to see the truth, she puts it right in front of me. I am honest with her too.

Yes, that’s Beba and me.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. God's girl
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 13:14:28

    That is a sweet story about friendship. You are blessed to have a friend like that!


  2. Vikki Grijalva
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 06:54:09

    Beba is a good person and funny!! She speaks very little english and I speak very little spanish but, since the day I met her she has put an impact in my life, and touched my heart she has a contagious smile!!! Cruz who wrote this blog is patient enough to interpret for us and when I am around these girls we laugh a lot. Beba and Cruz both have sweet spirits and both are mighty women of God that is why I love to hang around these girls!!! Thanks Cruz for this awesome blog on true friendship!!


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