The Dark Night

Yesterday night around 10:40 p.m, Miguel and I were getting ready to go see the midnight premier of “The Dark Knight”. A good friend was at our house weeping about the marital problems in their marriage. Their marriage is beyond repair at this point. Here is how their story goes for the last 19 years of their lives:

The wife, prior to their marriage, was living on the streets, and had an unstable life with children from a first relationship. The man got her back on her feet, and they married having two children of their own. In many relationships, the man is abusive. In this one, she is the one who has abused him for years. Their house, bank accounts, cars, and valued belongings are under her name only. She tells him that it is because of his legal status in this country. The man works hard only to cash his check at a local store, give it to his wife, and she deposits it to her account and only gives him enough for gas. Aside, from the fact that she over protects her kids, he comes home to a house where he is the “imbecile” and good-for-nothing (well, to bring home the bacon), ignorant man. She has managed to work things for her benefit. There is no legal way for him to prove that all these years he has paid everything they own. There is no way for him to show that the money in the bank belongs to him because it is his personal earnings.

The abuse is heartbreaking. But, yesterday, she cross the limits even more. She took away the keys to their truck, the one he uses to commute to make a living. She said that her credit was getting worse, and she was going to return the vehicle, plus gas too expensive. So, it left this man out on the street, with not way to get to work, and a broken heart.

I was disgusted with the stories he said in between his tears. How was this possible? How could this woman claim she knows the Lord? It is sad to see a broken-hearted woman cry, but it is even sadder to see a man cry. I felt compassion, and shared his pain and tears. While we attempted to minister him along with my parents, I could not help thinking that so many times we take people for granted. Life is too short (just think about Heath Ledger’s short life). Why live in darkness, when God’s truths are light before our path? Our friend does not want a divorce, but he feels that he has been broken down so many times that it seems appealing at this point. I think he needs to help himself first, before he can set out to restore his marriage.

How can you lead and help others when you yourself are broken and lost?


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  1. Julien
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 13:33:00

    Hey, I can’t wait to see that flick! Sounds awesome 🙂


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