Climbing Down From The Roof

Feeeuw!  It’s been crazy, and yet, life-changing…my husband quits his job which excites some scary situations like a chain reaction in motion.  I don’t know how fast things happened, but one morning I was studying Intercultural Communications, and the next, I was on my way driving home to meet up with an unfamiliar situation where a police report, labor commission report, and life-threating recordings were being played over and over.  I got good advise on how to react.  So, I remained calmed, gave support, bit my tongue, and was diligent on taking action and help my husband through this.  The threats continued, and deep in my heart I was shocked to see how another person’s comments could affect someone’s life to such degree of momentarily losing their rational thought.  With God’s help, our mentors’ help, and the help this country offers…we pulled through, and climbed down from the rooftop.


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