Solution or Not…Enjoy Life!

For the past weeks, I’ve suffered from numerous headaches.  Some of them have been unbearable, and I am not a big fan of medicine.  I use to take pride in not even really knowing what a true headache felt like. I shower and I FEEL that I am like a baby pup shedding more hair than usual.  Face-breakouts you wonder?  Yes they too have come out in the open!  I’ve spent the past days thinking.  And, it dawned on me right now that it is 1:30 a.m. and I am still thinking.  What’s up with that? As if I did not know who is in control of my life! Romans 8;28 and Jeremiah 29:11 are explicit promises that I will be okay.

I ponder about a lot of things.  Mainly personal issues regarding my health, my actions, my worries, and more.  I think about my marriage, my husband, my family, and my friends.  I think about my church, my colleagues, and my future.  I think about God.  “What are You thinking, Lord?  How is this going to fit with that other…?  Why…?  When…?  Who….?  Where…?  What….?”

But you know what?  God IS in control.  I remind myself of HIS promises.  Also, my best friend’s mother says:  “Si las cosas tienen remedio, para que te preocupas?  Y si las cosas no tienen remedio, para que te preocupas tambien?  Mejor disfruta la vida.” Which translates to, “If there is a solution to the matter, why worry?  If the matter has not sulution, then why worry.  Enjoy life.”


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