When We Behave Like God

I have read a series of blogs, and met a considerable number of people in my life. There is always something I do constantly that many of them might not notice. It is a secret activity that I refrain from sharing with anyone else. It is something that I do when people speak and when people stay silent. When people smile. When people grin. When they cry. When they move….I observe. I observe their behavior and reaction towards the situations around them. I observe the words that come out of their mouths, and EQUALLY observe the actions of their related abouts.

Some People, and by this I mean Christians and those individuals that deem on the title of “religious, spiritual, or church participants”, say that we need to be like God. How is this possible? How is if possible for others to believe we are “like God” when we behave nothing like Him. Our actions hardly ever meet our words. Many hold a double standard: His Word for those around…MY word for my own grounds.

Last semester, one of my astronomy tests had an argument that connected to this thought that had been lingering in my mind for a while. It stated that we (human beings) are made up of “star-stuff” . “Star stuff” is defined as stellar elements that are the result of the death of a star (a supernova explosion). The death process occurs when the luminosity of the star increases to the point where the star has exhausted all of its hydrogen fuel core through the fusion with helium. The explosion produces most of the elements on our present periodic table (except for the man made ones) including Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen which is the most abundant element in the Universe. So, astrobiology (the study of life in relation to the universe), states that the origins of mankind could possibly be traced back to the death of a heavenly body because of the abundance of these elements in our own bodies. This might be. Who knows for sure?

What it means for me to be like God is to manifest His unique characteristics through my everyday life. For example, loving even when one is hated, serving even when one is positioned to be served, giving even when one has not yet received, forgiving even when one is betrayed, manifesting compassion & mercy even when it is not deserved, and knowing that the core of my very existence desires to be a “reflection” of who He is in me so that others may get a glimpse of “heaven’s daughter’ here on earth. We, the sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father, are a unique organism that should be made of of “His-stuff”. We have the ability to turn our flaws and unfavorable situations into windows of opportunity that allow ourselves and others experiment Love, compassion, self-control, generosity, peace, joy, truth, and so much more.


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  1. simply me
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 22:27:01

    really good blog! We all as christians long to be the very reflection of God at one point or another of our faith walk. Though sometimes discouragement, disillusionment, lack of faith, problems, and such wash that desire. Why? Because its easier to be a representation of imperfection, rather than a representation of God. Rarely do we see itthe way like you say: turning “unflavorable situations into windows of opportunities “. Beautifully written, great insight =), God bless you.


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