Sarah Palin

As many other engaged Americans seeking to make informed decisions on the near coming Presidential elections, I too, googled Sarah Palin (Republican VP nominee for 2008). I had never heard of her name, much less knew that Alaskan’s governor was a woman. As I read her political reportoire and personal insights, I was impressed with her family life. She has five children ranging from 19 years of age down to 4 months. Baby Trig has shown to have Down Syndrome, and Palin returned to work only 3 days after giving birth (impressive).  Her husband in not directly involved in the political realm.

I am anxious to see how this will play out. I think that many working moms and even housewives might be on the look at as they see this working mom go from changing diapers to changing legislation.


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  1. beardlord
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 05:02:36

    The Great Presidential Hot Air Balloon Race. Obama V’s McCain

    Instantly see which candidate is talking the most political ‘hot-air’ in this crafty swing-o-meter by TEQUILA\ Taking live feeds from Google news quotes service, the balloons rise and fall graphically showing who’s generating the most virtual column inches each day. You also get the chance to stick a pin in the balloon of a candidate acting as a sort of opinion poll.


    Also if you zoom in you can see Sarah Palin clinging onto the McCain balloon 😉


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