Body Language

Today was long day for me….it seems like I missed out on several hours of the day because it’s almost 11 p.m. and I still have several pending things to do. I have a minor headache, and over these past weeks, I’ve learn what it is. It is my body cueing me in that I need to STOP, WAIT, or REST (slow down).

STOP: ….S.O.S.! Mayday! Plane about to crash! Simply put, I need to stop; I’m going the wrong way.

WAIT: Sometimes, it’s just not some thing’s season. It does not mean I will not ever get it done, just not now.

REST: How hard can this be?…(uh, TYPE A?…very hard). It’s time to slow down. Shut the light off, and take a break to restrengthen and recuperate invested energy.

Ecclesiastes 8:1 says, “Wisdom brightens a man’s [woman’s] face and changes its hard appearance.”

With that said and learned…Nighty-Night!


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