Come Back

Hi everyone! It has been exactly 18 days since the last time I published a post. My previous post spoke about body language and those signs one’s body gives when it’s being overworked and stress. So, I took some time off knowing that these 2 weeks was prep time and adjustment for my marriage, career, and ministry because it’s about to get busier than usual. I am back!

Last Tuesday, as I prayed before school, I told God that I did not want to come back to my first love with Him. Sure, first love is great. Remember your first love? How the hours with “the love of your life” were like seconds? But, what happens after several years of marriage? I use to frequently ask Miguel, “Do you love me as much as when we first fell in love?” What an awkward question. It is more flattering to know that they don’t love us as much as when we first me them, but that they love us MORE! More…even when when they’ve seen us with a couple of more pound, our mood swings, our bad hair days, and our less favorable points of our lives.

So, I said, “Lord, I will not ask you to take me to my first love with You. I don’t want to come back to the past. I want to love you even more EVERY DAY, every hour, every moment in my life. The fact that you love me even when I make your heart feel pain, makes me want to never go back to any part of my past. It makes me want to move forward loving You for who You are, and thanking You for all.”


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  1. Simply Me
    Oct 05, 2008 @ 16:46:44

    Welcome back, glad to see a new post up.


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