Look Into My Eyes

I wrote this piece for my youth girls’ class last June of 2007, and want to share it with you.

Look into my eyes.  Tell me what you see.  Answer this one question for me:  How much am I worth?

Look into my eyes, those eyes you so frequently and intentionally do not see to avoid looking at the real me.

Look into my eyes now. Tell me what you see.  Is it just another object waiting to be seen?  Is it the product of a lustful driven world?  Is it the reflection of the latest heels?  Is it a sexy silhouette that in the words of many mouths it’s name is highly praised and sooner than one may say later, it is brought down to shame?

Look into my eyes.  Tell me what you see.  Is it really an “it” that you will see or is there more than that such as me?

Look into my eyes.  Tell me what you see. For such a long time you have been avoiding this very godly act.  It is what the Creator intended since the beginning of time for all to live.  He did not look outside these two windows.  He did not focus south of these two windows; neither did He hub to the north to the east nor the west of these two windows.  Yes, these are the windows to the real me. Open up the Book, know that it is true, to look into the eyes is to see the real you.  He took me by my cheeks and denied staring anywhere else but the real me.  He looked me in the eyes.  He cherished all that I am.

So I challenge you today.  Stop looking at the unpreserved.  Stop treating me like a trophy on display.  Stop rating my hips.  Stop rating my lips.  Stop rating my breast.  Just give it a rest.  Stop rating my hair as if you truly care. Stop rating my weight.  That gives me an ache.  Stop rating my ear.  Definitely, stop staring at my rear.  Stop rating my cheek.  Stop rating my feet.  Stop rating my legs on those hot summer days.  Stop checking me out, front, back, and all about.  Stop with the staring just stop the comparing.



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