Look Into My Eyes 2

Continued from yesterday

Don’t give me the drama. Don’t play the game of love and hate. Don’t pretend you know all there is to know regarding emotional fate. For I know what love means to the victim and its predator.

Look into my eyes. Tell me what you see. Oh, can’t you see, I am a victim. Come and see, see inside these two glossy windows. Go ahead, be brave, take a peek. See that in reality I am a little girl with shattered dreams. I am in a corner crying myself to sleep. I am no longer Daddy’s little princess. I am no longer that cute little angel. I am the product of the lack of intimate relationship, negative affirmations, and the lack of physical affection from those that brought me into this world.

Intimate relationship, I know what it is. It is the ability to be completely oneself with another person without the fear of backstabbing hurtful remarks. Yes, I do know what it is, though I’ve never met with it in person. Why then would you take advantage of a hurting little girl who has not yet developed into a conscious whole individual? Why would you expose her to the predators of this world? Why would you awaken that that the Creator advices not to before its time? Why would you allow her to be hunted down as a dog hunts for its prey? The prey and the predator, yes they have different mindsets. She uses sex to get the love she needs. He uses love to get the sex he needs. Who is the prey? Who is the predator?

Have you not ever heard that “the way you treat the creation reflects the way you feel about the Creator?” Again, I plea to you: Look into my eyes. Tell me what you see. How much am I worth? How will you treat me?

Yeah, the One above is true to me. He looks into my eyes. He answered the very first question I asked: So, how much am I worth? He said, “You are worth everything. Yet, to be honest, I would say nothing because you are not an “it” or a “that” as a matter of fact. You are not an object of any kind. You are a rare and precious species called “YOU”. Life is not an auction that defines your worth to the highest bidder. You are not up for sale.”

To you that walk pass me, to you that see me, to you that takes an interest in me, but most importantly to you that I see every time a mirror is held before me: LOOK INTO MY EYES. Tell me what you see. Treat this creation with love, worth, and intimate affection. Again, “the way you treat the creation reflects your feelings for the Creator. So, look into my eyes, and tell me what you see.


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