Madonna Legacy


Her Confessions Tour is the highest grossing concert tour by a female artist. In the United Kingdom, she is the most successful female in the singles chart history and has more number one singles than any other female solo artist. In 2008, she surpassed Elvis Presley as the artist with most top ten hits in the history of Billboard Hot 100. In 2007, Madonna was listed by VH1 as eighth in the Greatest Women of Rock & Roll. On March 10, 2008, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

There has been speculation about her relationships with other women, including Naomi Campbell and Sandra Bernhard. The book Sex depicts her in sexual situations with men and women, and she has been credited with educating people about bisexuality. Madonna has been criticized by the Roman Catholic Church, particularly during her “Who’s That Girl”, “Blond Ambition” and “Confessions” tours. New York Times journalist and author Gay Talese relates this to her Italian ancestry – people from Pacentro have been in a long tradition of rebellion against Catholics. Madonna had her son Rocco baptized in a Presbyterian Church.

Madonna has generated academic interest. Interdisciplinary research and publications address her relationship to and place within commodity culture, the mass-media spectacles she creates, and the iconography of minority groups such as gay and lesbian people, which she uses in videos such as those for “Vogue”, “Like a Prayer”, “La Isla Bonita” and “Borderline”. These publications were so extensive that in the 1990s, academics would refer to “Madonna Studies” as a sub-field of media studies.

In 2006 a new water bear species (Latin: Tardigrada), Echiniscus madonnae, was named after Madonna. The paper with the description of E. madonnae was published in the international journal of animal taxonomy Zootaxa in March 2006 (Vol. 1154, pages: 1–36). The authors’ justification for the name of the new species was: “We take great pleasure in dedicating this species to one of the most significant artists of our times, Madonna Louise Veronica Ritchie.”

Legacy, according to the online dictionary is defined as follows: (1)Money or property bequeathed to another by will. (2) Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past. I think about those words and how they apply to my personal life, and I ask myself: What is the legacy I am willfully passing down to my family, my friends, my colleagues, my community, and ultimately my (the) world? I was reading a documentary of Madonna which had a link to the legacy above. At age 50, she is still living her “legacy”. But, I ask you today, Is This What You Aspire To Be Said About YOUR Legacy?

What do your everyday decisions and attitudes say about your legacy to this world?


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