Just Words

This morning as I pondered on my devotional study of the book of Daniel, I though about what Beth Moore said in regards to God when He speaks, “He fulfills His promises, and ALL He says comes to pass.”

Thinking about the presidential candidates, I see how such characteristic is far from their truth. They speak heavily motivating speeches.  But, they are just words that have not any meaning until an action is attached to them.  They speak lightly of “change”.  It is probable that one individual CAN make a difference but that that one individual is not all-powerful to change a culture’s mores in a couple of seasons. Culture is a mentality that is ingrained in one’s inner-being. It dictates much of our lifestyles because it the standard by which one chooses to abide by.  The fact of the matter is that culture (the norms by which a group of people choose to live by) is actually a mentality that is build over time, AND can only be changed with the passing of time and the replacing of “new” standards that are acceptable, not only by the influential powers of that group, but by the great masses, too.  Thus, it is the dilemma for immigrated people because they want to live in the targeted culture without having to replace their former culture.  This happens to those of us who believe in Christ, too.  We want to live by the rules of heaven, but are sometimes not willing to replace our former culture (old mind) with God’s truths.

With that in mind, I came across an article that spoke of Obama’s rhetoric ability, and how it seemed he was plagiarizing a speech on October 16, 2008 from another incumbent from 2005. Both caused a commotion with the crowds as they recited catchy phrases as “we have nothing to fear, but fear itself; I have a dream….” I add to this, “A stand for change.” Is it not what every candidate in every election declares he or she stands for? Change. But, you see, those are just words that stir up an audience. The real test of audacity, integrity, philanthropy, and strength lies in the choices made that reflect who we are (or who we CHOOSE to be) through our lifestyle. Though the candidates’ rhetoric declarations may be “just words” of which we may never see concrete evidence of their fulfillment, I know of someone who has ALWAYS spoken in truth, and has made every word count. God will always declare JUST Words of wisdom that will bring life to all those who believe in Him.

How about you…Will you speak JUST words of faith, life, and encouragement to those around today?


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