No More Internet

I’ve had to make a choice.  I am no longer going to continue my subscription with my former internet provider.  I am making budget cuts.  So, for the upcoming days, I will be limited on my internet access.  So far, it’s been a bit of an inconvenience, but I can handle it.  It was a step towards recognizing what’s essential and what’s luxury.  For some of you, it is essential because your work is based on such service.  It’s a luxury for others, and that’s okay if you can afford it.  For me, it’s both.  I need it to communicate with many of my close acquaintances and ministry members.  I need it for school related projects.  I need it to write this blog.  I need it to explore possibilities.  OKAY…I NEED it?  I can get by with open WiFi on my laptop at school, or even go to the computer lab for free.  Convenience will just have to wait for me now.  I am in transition.


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