Desperate To Connect!

ClosetNo signal. No connection. No networks. No internet. The image on this blog is a candid shot of desperation trying to connect to a friendly open source willing to share the world wide web. Yes, those are my shoes (Franco Sarto). Yes, it is my closet (pretty spacious, huh?). Yes, it is very late at night (past one’s bedtime). NO, it is NOT me….but I took the picture! We (the owner of the mechanical device and the fingers operating it) laughed at our own desperate attempts to connect to wireless internet. I must add that in the other room, there was a modem connected to my laptop with broadband internet. Why we were going through all the trouble of standing in the middle of my closet at 2 a.m. attempting to connect to some remote unfamiliar source, I don’t know. My shoes as well as my feet (we were standing) were paying the higher price of our experiment! All we could think is that it was wireless.

How many times do we do this exact same thing in our personal lives. We are so desperate to connect to something outside our own world. We jump through hoops. We station ourselves in many uncomfortable and unproductive situations risking being at peace, squandering our energies aimlessly, and damaging vital areas of our lives. We want to connect to something bigger than ourselves. We think, “I know there’s more to life than this.” We think we can do it on our own if we could just position ourselves correctly. However, just as “Fingers” and me, we forget that in the main room, our connection is already establish. It’s waiting for us to access it. It’s waiting for us to tap into its resources. That heavenly connection is an intimate relationship with God. His word is the main source that will help us navigate through the webs of this wide world.

Wireless? It lures us towards independence and freedom, but in reality it will only result in loneliness and detachment. We are dependent relational beings. Wireless is a momentary thing. It is controlled by outside sources, and it runs the risk of being manipulated, altered, and violated without prior consent. I’d rather be connected. Id’ rather be part of an establish source that is productive than attempt to attach myself to an unstable and unreliable network whose best interest is not me.

How’s Your Connection With God Today?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Simply Me
    Nov 13, 2008 @ 22:30:44

    beautifully written =)


  2. Vikki Grijalva
    Nov 18, 2008 @ 13:48:15

    Love this Cruz, I especially like the last part where it starts I ‘d rather be connected it’s very true the whole thing is good but the last part is such a true and strong statement. I love the picture of your closet with the desperation to connect, if only we had the same desperation to connect with God. Great Blog


  3. kingsview
    Nov 18, 2008 @ 19:26:44

    Thanks my friends! Let it be the cry of our heart: Desperate to Connect to YOU, oh Lord!


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