A Lullaby of Love

In the still dark night as silence creeps from among its bushes, I sense the presence of a subtle sweet wind shifting my hair from my face. The moon is glistening with luminous glamour as it drizzles its rays over my shoulder. My skin tastes the benevolence of the moist ambiance in the breeze. My soul’s inner cavities swell with the freshness of breath that enters in me. Mystique penumbra enfolds my past. The silhouettes of yesterday motion for my attention. But, my genesis is about to be reveal. That sweet subtle saturating wind caresses my visage, and my hands reach out to thin air. The almost morning dew tiptoes on the forefront of my hands. Anticipation begins to rise. Metamorphic creatures vaporize in my midst to the tune of my thumping heart. Soon my night shall be brighter than aurora. I shall see as if noontide were to walk beside me. I shall meet my Lover. The One that pursues my heart. The One that surpasses the memories of yesterday’s silhouettes. He awaits for my arrival. The breeze foretells His presence is near. All of creation sings a lullaby of love as our courtship manifests. I cannot avoid the attraction. It is an internal force that draws me deeper. I’ve tasted all around me, but it suffices not my desire. I long for that encounter. I long to be so close that I can feel His warm breath. My own has lost its freshness through the passage of time and the paths I have traveled. Alas, my Lover has arrived! He has made Himself shown. His kisses are better than any delicacy my lips have ever savored. To His secret place I follow where His heart hums to my heart a Lullaby of Love.

dawn(Solomon 1:1-4)


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