Punisher…War Zone

As I read this movie’s synopsis and saw its trailer preview on Youtube a line in their preview caught my attention. There is a voice in the background that says, “God be with you Frank.” Another responds, “Sometimes I’d like to get my hands on God.”

What makes us think that we can have more Justice than God? What makes us think that we are more fair, more capable of vindication, and more compassionate than a God who was willing to put His one and only Son on a cross to pay for the mistakes of an endless list of people who are neither grateful nor willing to get to know the One that gave them life, the One that took the sentence upon His shoulder?

We speak about love.  We speak about equality.  We speak about honor.  We speak about integrity.  We speak about values.  We speak about peace.  YET, we do not know (or do not try) how to get along with each other.  We step on someone else’s throat to get ahead.  We backbite our neighbors (even those we call friends) to save our own skin.  We allow thousands of children to die daily due to malnutrition, abuse, and poverty.  We deny our values with the choices we make.  We turn our eyes away from the homeless soul sitting behind our local ventures. We are the human race.  According to science, we are Homo sapiens.  These are the Latin words for man+wise (Homo sapiens).  WISE…where, what, when?

Entertainment is a reflection of a society’s deep structure.  It reveals what is acceptable, what is humorous, what is taboo, and how much people are willing to pay for 90 MINUTES of theatrical work.  Sometimes, we don’t stop and analyze what surrounds us, and we become part of things we don’t agree with and do nothing about it.


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