Life Or Death

” God gives the very best to those who leave the choices up to HIM!”

-Unknown Author

Deuteronomy 28 urges us to choose life over death.  This is a daily decision whose results are not always immediate, but nevertheless the consequences are bound to manifest.  One’s choices over the smallest things may have a big impact.  This weekend, my husband and I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and there was a scene of a tragic accident whose narrator believes could have been avoided by several individuals’ choices whithin a 3-10 second timeframe.

What I live today is a consequence of my decisions from yesterday and before that. What I live tomorrow will be a consequence of my decisions from today.

So, I do my best to choose wisely and leave the rest to God.  May you choose decisions that bring life in every aspect of who you are and who you are to those around you.


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  1. Moses
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 19:32:17



  2. kingsview
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 19:45:41

    Hello Moses!

    Thanks for passing by!



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