Lots To Say

There are lots of things going on around me, along me, and inside me. Lots to say about what I see, what I hear, and what I feel.

Marriage: It’s a long life commitment that takes work, joy, tears, and did I mention work? I read once that one was ready for marriage when one was ready to give of oneself for the happiness one’s better half. Waking up in the morning and telling yourself ‘what can I do to make him/her happy?’ is a start. But, it is a difficult one because we are in the era of “ME…what about me!” I married for the good/bad reasons: love, escape, self-esteem, freedom (huh?), hormonal issues (aka…sex), and etc….I was only 17 1/2 years old, not even out of high school…NOT pregnant nor experienced, but the thing is that it has taken lots from my husband and me. We had to grow together, grow apart, and grow in love in these past 13 years of marriage. Young people BEWARE…Love is not an emotion but a daily decision!

Family: The more there are, the more we ‘crash’. There used to be a Spanish talk show I would see once in a while, “Hasta En Las Mejores Familias” (Even In The Best Families). The talk show dealt with real issues…you know the ones that we try to hide from the rest of the world to keep face. Let me just say that I don’t care how great one’s family is, there are bound to be “issues”, and they are not always pretty. I’ve seen in other families (including mine) whose relationships go from bad to worst. Parents saying hurtful comments, and children disrespecting them back. I’ve seen adult children have to financially,emotionally, and spiritually have to support their elder parents. The concept of Family is constantly being defined through lifestyles and new laws. I see families torn apart from divorce, addictions, poverty, and ignorance.

Health: January is the busiest month for gyms across America as one of the top New Year’s resolutions is to “Lose Weight” and diet. December is the least trafficked season…I wonder why! I’ve learned that health is an ongoing activity, and a conscious decision. Health is not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual. Some of us obsess over a pant size, but forget the daily activities needed for spiritual health (prayer, the Word, fellowship, etc). We forget how to be emotionally fit; positive attitude, forgive and forget, self-awareness. Setting health goals helps to balance our unhealthy aestheticism. Exercise, work (as in a job), fellowship, pray, and EAT!

To be continued…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. misscheesecakeandstuff
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 12:57:38

    Your blog is great, it’s so interesting! I think you’re right about everything…and what captured my attention was not only the small sentence I saw in the beginning but what you kept writing about the reasons you married. The same reasons most of young people want to leave, when freedom and choices are less away from home (especially married). It’s very true, it’s good that you let me see that because although I don’t have a boyfriend to actually marry, sometimes the urge to run away from family (the next interesting topic) is very strong. My sister was married kind of young, not AS young, but for the same reasons. She told me she ran into something dumb and that she didn’t fall in love with her husband until AFTER they married. That alone sounded like a mistake. Sorry for the long comment, just wanted to compliment your great blog.

    I remember a time when I’d watched that show too, I always thought it was fake (cause most mexicans think everything is fake, lol), but then I realized that no family is perfect…

    Take care and keep writing! Bye!!


  2. kingsview
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 19:38:28

    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. And yes, when one is young, we think that away from home brings freedom and “kickback” time. But, the real world is nothing like what we see at home. Those of us that were sheltered and lived in hostile environments, wanted to escape into the arms of safety…Teen Love (13-19 yrs old). You know, that urge to run away from what we dislike is a normal thing. It happens in marriage, in relationships, and in life all the time. But your responsibilities at home as a single daughter do not compare to being married or living on your own.

    I am blessed with a great guy that since the get-go of our relationship, he always gave me my freedom of choice. In fact, he pushed me to go back to college telling me that he did not want me to be what my culture expected (stay at home Latina with 5 kids and no education). He did not want any regrets from either one of us.

    Just think that right now, you are truly free. You decide who you want to be, where you want to go, and for how long. (I could do the same, but honestly, it would not be fair for my husband, and it would be selfish of me to only think of what I want without considering his wishes).

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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