Lots To Say 2

I have lots to say too about other things besides the ones I wrote about yesterday.

Education: Can there be anymore ignorance in the world than to allow one’s children be a status quo? Seriously, I know parents who’s children are U.S. born citizens and cannot read/write/speak proper English or Spanish! HUH? My parents always told me when I was young that I should get an education to avoid working like a ‘burro’ (donkey)…no offense I hope. My mentors constantly tell my husband and me that we need to work smarter not harder. Education is the key to flee poverty and ignorance. It is said that only about 28% of Americans have a college degree, and that about ONE PERCENT of the world has a college education! Okay in Layman’s Terms (plain): among all your 2 nieces and your own daughter…only one of them will have a college degree…and it might not be your daughter. Parents should be speaking into their kids in terms of “Where are you going to college?” and NOT “Are you going to college?” There is a young girl that I met several months ago, that is about to graduate high school. She has a chance of going to college right now, but is choosing to move to a certain to be with a “certain” boy. She says she can go to college anytime. I agree and disagree. While it is true that it is never to late, some things get pretty close to being too late which end up costing much more than it is anticipated. 2009 just started, and time seems to be flying already. Go to school. Expand your horizons. Stretch your mind. Savor the essence of knowledge.

Politics: Short and Sweet…if you don’t like it, then do something about it! Sometimes….just sometimes….praying may just do the thing. Read 1 Timothy 2:1-4 (we are to pray for those who rule over us).

Last, but definitively NOT the least…

God: I cannot reveal to you who He is. Jesus said that such revelation comes from the Father Himself. For me, He is the one and only, my first and my last, my beginning of living and my end in life. He gives and is my hope. He gives and is my joy. My heart is passionate about knowing who He is…not in a religious monotone way, but in a colorful everyday adventure. An old quote I read said it best:

To seek God is the greatest of all Adventures.
To love God is the greatest of all Romances.
And, to find God is the greatest of all human Achievements.


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