On Top of My microWAVE

I haven’t blogged for days now. Our internet is down. On top of that, Miguel and I have been working at church, so we get home to unload the trailer, shower, finish up (or start) chores, and zzzzzzz.

It seems the New Year brought us a wave of issues, problems, dilemmas, and challenges. It’s like swimming up current…it’s cold, there are obstacles coming one’s way, and now is the time to put into practice all those years of swimming lessons without your coach.

But with God…ALL things are possible (Phil. 4:13)!

I am writing to you from my kitchen where my laptop gets open internet. It is on top of our microwave, and I am standing in front of it facing Hwy 33 and a beautiful Sunday morning. I assure you that even on our most disastrous situations, we will overcome if we set our eyes on He that makes a tidal wave seem like a micro-wave.

Be blessed as you take the time today to worship and adore the King of kings!


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