Blank Stare

Have you ever just stared at someone-something and defocused till your stare is blank?  It is an empty look at what is in front of you.  It is a known and at the same time an unknown stare of what you know is but can’t figure out.  I stare at my physics book, the formulas, the quotients; the jargon is familiar, yet the concepts are far from me.  I convince myself that this is study time.  STUDY is nothing less than observing and understanding.  However, I find myself observing, and not understanding.   My head is filled with other “stuff”.  Understanding is not coming to past due to the mental block I have allowed to form.  The key word here is allowed.  It is mental blocks that we build through prejudice remarks, ungodly conversations, and incompatible hearts that keep people separated.

My girlfriends and I frequently have talked about how certain personality types bump heads with eachother because they are opposites.  One thinks that Person A is irresponsible, immature, uneducated, always late, never stable, and too emotional.  The other thinks that Person B is rigid, cunning, unwelcoming, imperialistic, snobbish, hypocrite, and perfectionist.  The truth of the matter is that when we focus on eacthother’s flaws, the list might seem endless.  When addressing people who are of our opposite personality type, we feel they are at our throats.  So often we forget that we are all created different, and it is in those differences that we find flavor in life.  You are free to think and live as you wish, but imposing your will, opinions, or standards on other individuals is out of your place.

Many people say, I respect other’s opinions.  “I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Right?  What they do is their problem as what I do is mine.”  Yet, we ridicule individuals with “weird” taste for fashion.  By weird we actually mean, “something I would NEVER wear!”  We talk behind people’s back on how they do not know how to talk or address themselves in public.  And, by this we mean, “the way I would NEVER carry myself in front of others who’s opinion might affect my image.”  We hold other people to the higher standards.  Again, by this we mean, “the way I live is the RIGHT way to live.”

Hello people!  We never have, and never will be higher or better than our Creator.  And we must remember that that person who we just finished “talking/commenting” about is created in HIS image.  Would you talk about God (in His face might I add) the way you talk about your friend, your spouse, your family, your leader,your co-worker,  your church member, and any other human being?

So much for the blank stare…


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