I Think I Failed the Test!

Uh…I took a Physics test yesterday, and I think I failed it! It was not that I did not know the material; it’s that I could not see!  My eyesight was blurry, my lead pencil kept breaking, and my head was going bazurks thinking I am going to fail this test.  The multiple choice  questions were find.  The essay portion was fine considering I did not go back to proofread since I was writing without seeing clearly what I was actually writing.  I just made sure I did not  loose my train of though until I picked up my pencil.  Now the mathematical portion….well…that’s what makes me think I failed it.  I kept pushing my test paper 2ft back to see what I wrote and what I was reading.

I was disappointed at myself.  Then disappointed at my situation.  Then disappointed at my eye doctor.  And before I new it, I was disappointed at a lot of people and things.  But, wait….whose fault is this really?  Anyone other than myself is out of the picture.  Still, accidents happen, and all I can do right now is wait for March 25th, and make the best of my circumstances until then.  I was so focused on the fact that I could not focus my eyesight, that I lost sight of what was important….proving that I had gained the necessary knowledge to pass the test.

Funny…or not…how this happens to us when we are at trials.  We are focused on the hardship that we forget that our Master will never test us unless He believes we have already gained the necessary wisdom to pass the test.  He tells us to focus on what is important and not on our problems.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tlc4women
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 08:48:23

    This makes me sad. Can you buy drugstore glasses to make it through till the real ones get here? I would have been in a panic. Can you explain to the professor and ask for another shot? It’s worth a try.


  2. kingsview
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 14:14:28

    Yes, I was in panic. Well, my mom let me borrow reading glasses….I hate how I look in them (they are really cute, but not my style). I have Physics today, so I will SEE what happens. Eeek!


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