Happy Birthday Daddy!

FIFTY-NINE years ago in 1950 in a small village in Nayarit, Mexico, my father was born to Rafael and Irene Berumen Soria.  I share a close bond with him.  I believe it has been since I was a little girl; not only because I am his daughter, his first-born from my mom, and many say I look a lot like him.  It could be because we have shared many good and not so good memories.

Even when my father was an alcoholic, I was still by his side (I was only 2 yrs old).  He would take me in to the bar, sit me on a stool or on the counter while he drank, and the “ladies” would indulge me with treats.  My mother hated this of course.  And, I was too small to really know better.  It’s kinda weird that a toddler accompanies her father in a bar to drink.  In these dysfunctional dates, mishaps were bound to occur….one day, he fell asleep with a beer in his hand, and guess who crawled over to experiment?

Anyways, I can talk forever on all the great things I’ve seen, learned, and experienced with my dad.  But, if I were to choose one today, I would choose a phrase he told me when I was 11 years old, and he repeated it over and over through my years.  I love him for this and much more:

“Never doubt the power of humbleness before GOD.  Be humble, and see what GOD can do with a heart that humbles before Him.  There is greatness in that.” –Rigoberto Berumen

Happy Birthday Dad!


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