Dying for Comments


I thought this was funny! I found it next to a blogger’s email tab.  Sometimes we are eager to hear what to others have to say; other times, we’d rather they not comment at all.  There are days when I ask my husband in a zillion different ways how I look, how my new pants fit, how my mineral make-up looks, how’s my hair, how’s my pedicure, how was dinner, how my shoes look….and so on.  Many times, his response is a nod or a hummed approval or a lengthened “yes…honey”.  But you see, I initiated the question.  The real me is beating around the bushes to confess that I need him to pay close attention to me at very moment.  That I want him to come up with a pleasing comment like “I like how those pants look on you (if that is the case of course)” or “Dinner was good today…Those shoes look great…I like speding time with you…” etc.

Would it kill him to comment?  or the real question to me is: Would it kill me to just be real with him and acknowledge that he is not psychic (nor do I ever want him to be) to know when, where, how, and what to comment about me?  It’s about being real with the person we say we love and they say to love us.  Knowing who we are…sharing where we are…dealing with how we are…and not hiding what we are all about.

Now, there are times when I wish he did not comment.  For example, we went out to eat a couple of times with our close friends.  They are a young couple too…(clearing throat)…a young couple too ;-).  We were talking about old times, food, and how we women will SOMETIMES wine about our weight.  He comments about it and says (trying to be funny) that we should get to the gym…every time either one of us girls took the fork to our mouths, he’d make a remark.  Mind you we were all laughing, but still, I was embarassed.  I apologized to my friend.  She just laughed.  We know each other pretty well to know its just fun and games.  But, please…please don’t comment on this, babe.

photo credit: http://peterpanandfamily.blogspot.com

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  1. ge
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 15:05:35

    Steve and i are at the point now where we don’t need to tip toe around the question we want to ask and i appreciate that. and yes there are times when i should not ask…but i do. i also know that there have been plenty of times when i hear him say something and go did you really need to say that (in my mind) !!!! hey i think we all have made a comment when we didn’t need to and not made one where we SHOULD have 😉


  2. ges
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 15:06:10

    sorry forgot the s…hehehe


    • kingsview
      Apr 22, 2009 @ 08:21:48

      You know, in some areas, we don’t beat around the bushes. Yet, there are other areas and times when in my own stubbornness and pride I think, “why should I have tell him? He should just think of these things as I think of ways to express myself to him? Why can’t he just know?” (hmm…) Then I remember only God can know in my silence what I need or feel. I’m reading a good book (Spanish but it originally came out in English). It’s called the Five Languages of Love, and talks about learning what language we speak to know how to express to them that they are loved.
      Guess it’s one of those seasons.


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