Say It To My Face

I sometimes wonder what hurts more:  The fact that a person does not tell you their intentions to your face or the thought that they can tell you to your face what you truly do not want to hear.  Sounds like jumbo mumble, right?  (Sigh)  My eyes have cried enough today.  All I can do is lift my eyes to the heavens, stretch my arms unto my Father, and rest upon the though that HIS love is unfailing.


Here in my heart lies this painful dilemma.  Why have you not called?  Why have you not come?

Why have you not said it to my face?  Who shall I believe: my fears, their words, her words, or my promises?

This dilemma wants to consume me.  Is it better that you did not tell?  Is is worst to hear you say it?

I wait for you, you know.  I cannot let you go.  Patience is not my greatest virtue, I rely more on hope.

Yesterday, I prayed for you.  Today, I did the same.  Tomorrow, I will wake you with the prayers in my head.

It seems surreal.  It seems unfair.  It seems like these days have hung with forever neglecting the pain.

But, my heart knows you know who He is, and of this sorrow moments we will have great gain.

So, beloved, though I cannot say it to your face, I whisper in my heart to the One who knows you best,

‘Together we have climbed so many mountains, valleys, and shallow crests.  You are always in my prayers,

and we will triumph in this test!  I love you, and pray for the best.'”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Monse
    May 23, 2009 @ 06:26:55

    Me duele mucho leer esto. Pero confia en El. El la protege y la cuida y se que algo bueno viene despues.


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